As both a charitable & Limited company we have access to Trillion’s of dollars to provide funding for all suitable Renewable & Waste Management projects Worldwide.

We hope to assist all Countries meet their National Determined Contributions (NDC’s) by the adoption of our technologies & funding.

Revenue generation for UK County, City, Town and District Council Governments to be used for the peoplewe provide full funding & technologies

Sustainable, Reliable Energy for a Net Zero economy

Own the Solar Radiation, Wind, Waste, Biomass & Tidal

Revenue generation for Governments to be used for the people

ZERO Waste – ZERO Landfill. Cleanest Energy generation technology, 45% more efficient than Incineration and also Recycles 100% of glass, Metals, Ceramics & Ash.

Electrical consumption continues to steadily rise all over the world. Meeting these challenges requires cutting-edge products and services. The 2.1 billon tonnes of MSW generated each year Globally is set to rise by 70% by 2050 – we are here to assist in the Circular Economy. Siemens will build our plants and have built over 1,500 Power Plants Globally. The most professional installation teams work on this project guaranteeing maximum power output, efficient waste handling and monitoring emissions.

MSW, Medical waste, oil sludge processed. The End products of this waste in our Gasification & Recycling plant is  energy, glass, ceramics, metal and small amount of ash.  Medical waste & oil sludge can also be processed. The waste enters the Gasification plant without sorting or separation, all just goes in.

What comes out – Zero waste goes to the landfill sites from our plant as new products are made from the 15 tonnes per day of glass from the plant, ash & ceramics.

Circular Economy in action

ZERO waste goes back into the landfill sites – 10 tonnes per day from the plant of metals are resold for reuse in manufacture of new products.

New products are made such as building concrete blocks for house building or road building material from the 15 tonnes per day (tpd) of glass & 10 tpd of Ash100% Reuse & Recycling. Tyres are reused – Rubber for electricity production and Steel in new manufactured products onsite.

Renewable Energy – electricity is produced from the cleanest method possible, Gasification with Zero to Landfill.

Rubber is used for electricity production the steel is recycled for new products100% Reuse & Recycling.

We provide all funding and solar PV for a Circular Economy & Net ZERO or 1.5 degree C
We have developed the Resource Ownership concept for Councils, which enables a Council to have Solar PV on Housing stock & schools & all Council buildings

Our Africa development plan since 2012 – Climate Change Mitigation

Waste Plants & Solar Farms

We are able to provide Funding & EPC to build Tidal Lagoon Power Plants – we had arranged the funding for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon but the developer let the planning permission run out. Others in the future are possible and we are in negotiations.


Governments will make their National Determined Contributions NDC pledges and International Business Investors have available £60 Trillion for Climate Change Mitigation. Businesses will lead and enable the way to the Net Zero or 1.5 degree C consistent pathways. We can assist all Counties or Countries link into funding.

Local Authority Revenue Expenditure & Financing

USA Exim Bank

Councils should use this funding to build Waste Gasification plants, clear landfill sites and old Landfill sites and build Social Housing
We provide all funding and Technology for a Circular Economy & Net ZERO or 1.5 degree C

Typical funding £60 million to £3 Billion – ” NO” repayment of the funding from UK Council

UN Environment Programme

A healthy environment plays a key role in meeting many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With a little over 10 years left to meet the target date of 2030, the world will need to pick up the pace and put greater efforts in finding better solutions to pollution, climate change and biodiversity.

W.H.O. Climate Change Unit

Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year, from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress alone. The direct damage costs to health is estimated to be between USD 2-4 billion per year by 2030.

The “Breakthrough Energy” Bill Gates…

Technological transformation that gets us from the greenhouse gas-producing tools we currently rely on to a new set of innovations powerful enough to give everyone in the World access to clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Sustainability & transition to a Circular Economy

There is much to see here – long video……

Sustainable Urban Living.  This video explains how the UK can shift into a Circular Economy through the adoption of our plants that has functionality in the waste sector and lead to Sustainable Urban & Rural Life – Organisational Structure with Whole Cost accounting for Ecological & Social systems, Natural Capital. 

Bezos Earth Fund

BEZOS Earth Fund

Circular Economy

ZERO Waste – ZERO Landfill