We have been active in the Sustainable Agricultural sector in Ghana through our other company PSECC Ltd. Look at the drop down menu for individual Countries & Counties in Africa we have or are developing projects in: Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kakamega, Kisumu – Kenya & Egypt.

Across Africa, people are restoring farms, forests, and pasture through the AFR100 Initiative. The projects highlighted here illustrate how forest and landscape restoration can improve food and water security, create jobs for local people, and help communities adapt to climate change.

Africa 100

Global response to restore land to forestry & agriculture

UN One Planet

The One Planet network is a global community of practitioners, policymakers and experts, including governments, businesses, civil society, academia and international organisations, that implements the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production and works towards achieving SDG 12.

World Food programme

42 million people are at famine’s door Рand $6.6 billion could save them now.