Circular Economy transition – Adaptive planning – Net Zero – Climate funding

Alset Power Company Inc can provide USD $435 million for five waste plants – Zambia projects. No Government funding required & no payback by Government. Alset Power Company Inc. will have another agreement with the Government for Alset Power Company Inc. to pay back the funding. Revenue share in each plant back to the Government. Also, USD $600 million for Solar Farms development in Zambia will be obtained from our bankers or the Green Climate Fund.

The transition into a Circular Economy – Adaptive Planning – Climate Finance from the USA

Gasification Energy Plants  ZERO Waste ZERO Landfill & 100% Recycling. This is not Incineration this is 100% Recycling of glass, metals, ash and ceramics, & Gasification. Plastic is used in the Gasification process to produce much needed clean electricity. Very, very low emissions and 45% more efficient than Incineration.