Our Gasification plants – 100% Recycling of glass & metals, plastic is used for electricity production to increase the Renewable Energy generation capacity of Kisumu – Circular Economy – ZERO Waste – ZERO Waste to Landfill.

kisumu Sustainable Waste Circular Economy. Our plants use the plastic for energy generation, 100% of Glass, Ash and Metals are recycled.  New Glass, Metal and Building blocks for house building companies can now be set up in Kisumu offering jobs & Manufacturing plants possible & food production using CO2 from the waste plants.

All Councils & Kisumu in Kenya can enter the Circular Economy – Alset Power Company Inc from the USA can provide the Technology Infrastructure and Funding to make this possible. Sustainable Urban & Rural Life…..

Some of our work in Africa

Sustainable Urban Living.  This video explains how the UK can shift into a Circular Economy through the adoption of our plants that has functionality in the waste sector and lead to Sustainable Urban & Rural Life – Organisational Structure with Whole Cost accounting for Ecological & Social systems, Natural Capital.